Upper Owyhee Watershed Assessment

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Prepared by
Scientific Ecological Services, Inc.
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This assessment was funded by a grant from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
© Owyhee Watershed Council and Scientific Ecological Services

Contents of the assessment:

Components as pdf files:*

  1. Overview 
  2. Background
  3. Identified Issues
  4. Historical Conditions
  5. Hydrology
  6. Irrigated Agriculture
  7. Rangeland
  8. Water quality
  9. Sediment sources
  10. Riparian
  11. Watershed condition assessment

Appendix A.  Notes on mapping
Appendix B.  Mining  Districts
Appendix C.  Descriptions of ecoregions
Appendix D.  Reservoirs
Appendix E.  Plant species
Appendix F.  Nevada TMDLs
Appendix G.  TMDLs in Idaho
Appendix H.  Oregon integrated report
Appendix J. Riparian plant associations

Upper Owyhee subbasin

This document should be cited as:
Shock, Candace B., Myrtle P. Shock, Byron M. Shock and Clinton C. Shock.  2011.  Upper Owyhee Watershed Assessment.  Prepared for the Owyhee Watershed Council, prepared by Scientific Ecological Services.  Accessible online, http://www.shockfamily.net/UpperOwyhee/upperowyheeindex.html

Size of larger components:  Overview (5.4 MB), Background (22.9 MB), History (15.1 MB), Hydrology (20 MB), Agriculture (6.9 MB), Rangeland (10.4 MB), Water Quality (4.1 MB), Sediment Sources (13.5 MB)   Riparian (8.1 MB), Watershed condition (2.7 MB).

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